Now let's see how your did:


12-13 Correct

You must be doing things right.  Keep it up.  You're on the road to success.

9-11 Correct

You've got a pretty good handle on your marketing direction.  But you may want to take a little closer look at some of your processes and approaches. 

6-8  Correct

You probably need to take some time for a hard look at your approach to marketing.  Even if things are going okay, now, you are in for trouble in the future.  Now is the time to revise and modify your marketing plan - before you face the bumps.

Less than 6  Correct

You may not see it, but there is a spear hurtling towards your chest.  If you don't do something, and quickly, your business could be in serious trouble.  Get some help.  Read some books.*  Do whatever it takes to learn some new skills and get your business back on the road to success.


* We wholeheartedly recommend Getting Business to Come to You by Paul & Sarah Edwards and Laura Clampitt Douglas (Putnam, 1998). 

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