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Marketing and Sales authority, Laura Clampitt Douglas has made hundreds of events memorable with her entertaining, participatory approach to a variety of marketing topics especially tailored to small business. She is the single most requested speaker at small business functions in Central Pennsylvania for her skills at informing and entertaining.

Business owners have found these presentations especially valuable:

You've spent time and money on your marketing materials.  But are they really doing the job you want them to?  Are they pulling customers to your door?  Ms Douglas will show you how to evaluate your current materials and what to do next time around to ensure they generate real revenues.  She will also help you figure out how best to distribute each one for maximum effectiveness.  Real take-home-and-use-it-NOW value!

“Networking For Novices”
We’re all novices when it comes to the kind of networking that will truly build business relationships. Laura offers an entirely new and productive as well as fun approach to a sometimes awkward or tedious business-getting tool.

“Competitive Intelligence: Easier Than You Think”
“Competitive Intelligence” is the newest buzzword in marketing today. But buzzwords don’t get and keep business – actions do. Learn what functional CI can be, how to get it, and how to make it work for your company - affordably.

"Marketing 101”
So you think you know something about marketing. Odds are, though, that you will be surprised to find that some of the “facts” you are sure must be true are, indeed, myths. Would you be surprised that one of the biggest mistakes companies make in marketing is to focus on their products and/or services?

“Leaping Out of the Box”
What kind of box has you trapped? History? Expectations? Business processes? It is those boxes that stall careers, destroy relationships, and bring businesses to the brink of bankruptcy. Don’t just crawl out of your preconceived notions; rocket yourself away from them with Laura’s help.

“Standing Apart from the Crowd”
Why should someone choose you over anyone else in your career, your personal life, your business, or any facet where choice is involved? If you don’t know, then you don’t have a chance of standing out from your competition.

“Selling from the Comfort Zone”
How many books have you read, courses have you taken, advice have you sought on how to sell? And how many of them offered you tools you felt comfortable with? How many tapped into skills you already have? What if there were a way you could develop your own magic formula?

“Customer Service – It Ain’t What it Used to Be!”
Think your company provides great customer service? Think your customers are happy to be doing business with you? You might be surprised if you were a fly on their walls. Learn how to find out what your customers really want and how to give it to them.

Or, if you have a special need or interest, Ms. Douglas can create a presentation especially for you.

Let Laura Clampitt Douglas enlighten and entertain your organization’s next conference, workshop, or meeting. To learn more about her presentations and schedule an appearance, contact us today at or call SBMA/MAX International at 717-898-0147.

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