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You know how entrepreneurial businesses reach a point where their growth momentum begins to slow and eventually stalls? Usually, the owner or driving force behind the business simply redoubles sales efforts, working longer and longer hours to try to get the business moving again.

But that doesn’t really work.

Oh, sales will increase slightly for a while, but the long term the results are usually burnout, exhaustion, and another stall. And the cost to the really important things in life - family, friends, health - is immeasurable and cannot be recouped.

There is another way.

Small Business Marketing Analysis enables a smaller business to use a variation of the tools that marketing masters such as huge consumer products companies have used for years. And we train you to do it yourself - without spending the hundreds of thousands of dollars the big guys invest.

First, SBMA  will help you discover what business you are really in. Bet you think you already know. Right? But how you define your business may not accurately connect with your high probability customers and prospects. You may be doing business that costs you more than it brings you, and you could be missing business that could bring you all you ever dreamed.

Second, we help you refine your niche so that you can easily locate those high probability prospects and they can find you.

Third, we help you plan a marketing program to develop visibility within your target market and attract new and qualified leads.

Leads aren’t the end of the process, though. No matter what your product or service is, you have to be able to build and develop relationships with those prospects and turn them into customers. And once you have them as customers, you have to be able to keep them from going anywhere else. So, fourth,
SBMA will help you understand the process and develop the tools and techniques that both apply to your business and market and that you will be comfortable using.

One thing SBMA does NOT do - we don’t do it for you. If you simply want to hire someone to do it all without your having to bother, then don’t call us. We don’t want to waste your money or our time. Instead, we want you to be an integral part of the entire process as we develop your program. Once you know the process, you can maintain, adapt, and/or change your program to meet the needs of a changing marketplace.

Only you know your business. SBMA will help you know it better.


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